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Market Place

A market place is a great way to socialise with friends, buy fresh produce and enjoy a sunny day,  and because of this, I have created a quaint but vibrant market for everyone to enjoy.

I have included four different stalls that sell meat, fish, veg and fruit and patisserie, as well as a pick up truck for one of the stalls, an ice cream van, a fast food truck and a pair of benches for the customers to enjoy their food and drinks.

The ice cream van contains utensils, different ice creams and cones allowing you to customise them for your range of customers, and the fast food truck has burgers and hot dogs as well as a drinks cooler allowing you to feed and quench the thirst of as many customers as possible.

The pick up truck is a great addition as it allows you to bring more produce to the stalls in order to sell more.  The crates can be coupled with the pick up truck to deliver food and also keep everything organised, whilst the benches allow a seating space for the customers between buying food and drinks.

I have tried to include a range of bright colors to make the design much more vibrant and engaging, with more building techniques to make not just the finished product enjoyable but also the building process.

All together this set has a lot of features, a great amount of play-ability and a wide range of colors, characters and elements to make it memorable and exciting.

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