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The Idea House: A Century Of Creativity


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In the heart of Billund, Denmark, there's a legendary building that's been a source of inspiration for ages. It goes by the name "The Idea House," and it was the brainchild of Ole Kirk Kristiansen, the genius behind LEGO. Back in 1924, when Ole was just getting started, he built this house with dreams, all about creativity and innovation.
Now, let's take a tour of the Idea House and discover its fantastic stories. Ole Kirk's office was basically a treasure trove of sketches and prototypes. It was in this very room that he coined the name LEGO, a brilliant blend of the Danish words "Leg Godt," which means "Play Well." This is where Ole Kirk Kristiansen first doodled his whimsical ideas for wooden toys that later turned into the world-famous LEGO bricks.
Next door, we have the shop, where the very first LEGO sets found their happy owners. It was also where Godtfred Kirk Christiansen, Ole's son, learned the ropes of the family business. And remember Ole Kirk's wise words, "Det Bedste Er Ikke For Godt - Only the best is good enough."

And now, onto the living room, where three generations of the Kristiansen family gathered to share their wild dreams and ambitions. Ole, his son Godtfred Kirk Christiansen, and later, his grandson Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen spent countless hours in this room, coming up with fantastic ideas and designs.
Fast-forward to 2024, and The Idea House is all set to throw a massive 100th-anniversary bash. Three generations have passed the torch, each leaving an indelible mark on the world of play. LEGO sure knows how to build a century of creativity, brick by brick!
Built from roughly 2,500 bricks and pieces, the Idea House stands tall with two stories of endless imagination! It boasts a roof that can pop right off, a charming vintage pickup truck parked out front, and a quaint garden in the back.
The Idea features three iconic LEGO minifigures, each representing a distinct generation of the beloved LEGO dynasty. First, there's Ole, the founding father. Next comes Godtfred, Ole's son. Completing this trio of visionaries is Kjeld, the third generation. A wholesaler from Fredericia and …. A duck.

Perhaps more minifigures will join so keep watching for updates.

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