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Oriental Village Hall


Oriental Village's Ramparts & Thatched House & Watchtower & Gazebo (extended parts)

These are Oriental Village's extended parts. Ramparts are surrounded office hall, and thatched houses and keep are located in ramparts. ramparts have three gates where are eastern, southern and western. Also ramparts have some merlons what have murderholes and ports. These ramparts protect the village and rullers hall.



Southern Gate


Eastern Gate


Western Gate


And the village fortress have a watchtower. This oriental watchtower is called 'Gongsimdon' in Korea. You can see it in Suwon-Hwasung(Korean village fortress), Korean city. 'Gongsimdon' is the core of diffence, and it have a lot of ports and murderholes. It have three floors, and rounded style construction.



Village's people live in their thatched house, and rest a tiny gazebo. The gazebo has tiny pines and long wooden pole. This pole is 'Sotdae', the Korean totem.

Thatched House




This village can devided into each parts, so if it's released product, you can collect them each parts. Also village hall can devided into each parts too.

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