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New "little mermaid"

Hey peoples.

As many private messages has suggested, i would now like to post an update for the little mermaid of my build in this.
As the picture shows, the little mermaid should be represented by the minifigure from series 9 instead of the one i have build.

Since i like this idea and find this new mermaid cute, the finished model when released of cause :-P
Will be with this figure as the mermaid edition.



Building manual

These last days i have tried to share my build around the net, mostly at my danish connections.

This has resulted in a growing demand for this model. So apart from it being here on the Ideas page, i have now started to make my own custom manual for how to build the model :-P
When it is done it will of cause contain the build in it self. But i will also add some special fact about the buildings i have chosen. So with this thanks again for the support, and when time comes, i might post some pictures of my manual :-)


Staff pick, 06-06-16

Well, well, well :-D


I always liked the idea of small set and landmarks from around the world.

And to see that there was nothing from denmark, made me build this. And now that i have been chosen to be "front page" staff materials tells me that i am not alone in this thought ;-)


So thanks to all who supports me and thanks to the staff. Have a great summer.


Going up!

Thank you everyone for voting on my latest idea set.

31 people in under 10 days is for me really great :-)
I am very happy that i am not the only one that would want to see a set of Denmark and some of it's landmark.

Feel free to share my idea and hopefully get others to vote on my set.

Thanks again :-)

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