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Hallo all.

The Lego brick we all love so much, comes from the beautiful country Denmark. I live here and i am proud of it.

Lately there has been new sets in the architecture theme with these "country and famous buildings" sets, so with this i present the Danish version.

Scaled down the best i could, i present 4 buildings or landmarks that i think would make a great edition on the shelf at home with the rest of these themes.

The set is as with the others, small in brick count and fairly easy to build. This set has 190 bricks and as shown 4 landmarks to build.

From left to right they are as follows:

  • The Lego arch entry way, as seen in front of the danish Legoland in Billund (The first Lego park in the world)
  • Next is the house that the founder of it all, Ole Kirk Christiansen lived in, and where all the magic began. This is a scaled down version of the bigger one, set 4000007. This house still exist and is part of the Lego Ideas house / museum in Billund, that only special invited people can visit.
  • 3 from the left is the all famous "Little mermaid" that the danish writer Hans Christian Andersen wrote a story about. This statue can be seen on "Langelinie" in Copenhagen which is the danish capital.
  • Last is the danish castle Amalienborg, where the danish Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik lives. At new years eve, the Queen holds a speech which is live broadcasted to the danish people.

This concludes my contribution to the next set in the "world" architecture. I hope you like my set and feel free to look at my other submitted projects.
Thanks for looking and feel free to comment :-)

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