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Lego Owl


"Lego Owl" has some new friends!

I mentioned in the original project description that you could change ear tufts and colours to create other owl species, so here are some popular species with owl lovers.

The Great Grey Owl is one of the world's largest owls. The Snowy Owl has become famous through the Harry Potter books and films as the beloved "Hedwig". Both of these owls have light grey or white feathers. This also means that these "sitting" owls appear on light grey / white bases, which resembles the snow of their winter habitats.

After some feedback from fellow owl-oholics, I decided that the original model looks more like a Short Eared Owl rather than a Long Eared Owl. So I also added a new Long Eared Owl in these new colour variations. The new Long Eared Owl has longer ear tufts and more defined darker feathers around its facial disc.

Please support and follow my project if you would like to see it made as an official Lego set - or if you just love owls!

Let me know which of my Lego model owls is your favourite - or if I haven't made your favourite owl, feel free to request it!

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