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Ancient Wonders


3000 votes !

Thank you everyone for reaching 3k votes. As promised I will upload another piece of the pie a.s.a.p. I am currently swamped in real life so it may take a bit. Yell if you think it takes too long :)


Model built i.r.l.

It took some doing in collecting the parts for this model, since a lot are not available or I did not have them in stock. I had to improvise a lot but I think it resembles the LDD version quite well. If other bricks types become available I will swap them out but for now this is the best I could do. Enjoy :)


2000 votes bonus !

Thank you all for reaching 2k votes. As promised , another part of the bonus model. LDD file and html file are available from drop box link. Please let me know if it doesn't work. Happy building

It is the temple complex of Angkor Wat in Cambodia




1000 votes thank you bonus!

One thousand votes! Thank you all!

As promised I have made a bonus model and the first part is now available. Screenprint of bonus model (w.i.p.)


Since I had no idea how to add LDD file in here I made a Dropbox folder for everyone to visit. I hope it works. I added an LDD file and a  html (paper) file with the images needed.


extra info: People attempting to download the instructions should be sure to use the Download button in the upper right corner. Dropbox will zip together all of the images automatically in a single download, rather than making you go through and download each one by hand.


Regarding the model.

I used a lot of yellow bricks to indicate that any colour will do here since they are practically invisible when the model is complete.

The white 1x12 plates can be replaced by two 1x6 plates or three 1x4. Stability is better though with 1x12. Also, the white bricks can be any colour.

I hope you will enjoy building this part of the model. Next part will be available at 2500 votes so keep sharing !




Colossus in green or gold

Added a picture of the colossus in both green and gold as suggested. Pictures don't enlarge when clicking except one. Not sure why, maybe cos last one is rendered, others are screen prints? Will try to sort that.


close up


Thank you all for your support sofar!

Several people requested more pictures so I tried to render some. Unfortunately 2 renders crashed for some reason so a.t.m. I have only one finished. Better than nothing :). Will try the others again and post when ready.

I really don't understand what is wrong. When I start a render, the camera keeps switching to another angle and renders the wrong bit....... I will keep trying. In the meantime, I made some screenshots. Will swap em out with rendered pictures when I get it to work.

Made some changes to Gizeh to make it more in proportion to the other models.