Minecraft MicroWorld: Desert Biome, Abandoned Mineshaft

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Visit my Facebook page here: TheWolf Packs Facebook page</a><br><br><br>--FULL 1X1 TILED BIOME COMING AT ? SUPPORTS!!!--<br><br>--We made it to 100 supports!!! Lets keep it coming!--

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Hi guys!

I present my interpretation of the Minecraft Desert biome, and abandoned mine! This project was very exciting to build and I hope that all of you guys like it!

It features:

3 Micromobs (Iron armor Steve, Skeleton and Bat)

A mine cart

A Desert Temple

4 Cacti or cactus

1 Sugar cane

A lake or pond

3 caves and a Desert Temple Dungeon

2 abandoned mines

A Desert Well

And lots of more cool stuff!

Now lets take a closer look...<br><section class="migrated-update"><img src="https://dp1eoqdp1qht7.cloudfront.net/community/migrated/38c/e28/312315/image" data-image-id="312315" data-image-path="migrated/38c/e28/312315/image" data-thumbnail-path="migrated/38c/e28/312315/thumb"><p>Here is a closer look at the project, you can see the Desert Temple and the cactus and the lake, lets not forget the sugar canes (Lime green bricks) And the brown studs are dry plants and you can see the Skeleton peeking out! As my last project I did not cover all the project with 1x1 flat tan bricks because I did not have enough, but I hope that in the future I do!
On one of the bottom corners you may see my Desert Temple Interior!

(This photo is outdated, Ill change it as soon as I can) Closer look at the micromobs, and as my last project, they also use prints...</p></section><section class="migrated-update"><img src="https://dp1eoqdp1qht7.cloudfront.net/community/migrated/4c9/c72/304668/image" data-image-id="304668" data-image-path="migrated/4c9/c72/304668/image" data-thumbnail-path="migrated/4c9/c72/304668/thumb"><p>This is the one of the caves with an abandoned mine, it has rails al over the place just like in the game, those have also prints and it also has the wood supports to "hold" the ceiling of the cave. You may also see the Desert dungeon! As in the game it comes with a small chest (actually in the game it comes with 4 small chests)</p></section><section class="migrated-update"><img src="https://dp1eoqdp1qht7.cloudfront.net/community/migrated/f63/9f6/301409/image" data-image-id="301409" data-image-path="migrated/f63/9f6/301409/image" data-thumbnail-path="migrated/f63/9f6/301409/thumb"><p>This is the other cave, this one has a diamond and a small lava pool!<br><br>Sorry I could not show all 4 caves, but in the future Ill upgrade the photos, that way you may see all 4 caves!

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Well that was it and I hope you guys liked it and if you did please support!

Also support my other projects!

And please pass the word!

I will be making more of these, stay tuned!

Lastly I thank IronManMk17 and DH123 for suggestions!