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Minecraft: Swamp Biome & Witch Hut

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Visit my Facebook page here: TheWolf Packs Facebook page</a><br><br><br>--FULL SWAMP BIOME COMING AT 300 SUPPORTS!!!--<br><br>--The Iron Golem with rose and sneak peek of my 5th project now out!!! Scroll way down!!--<br><br>--Sneak peak of my 4th project at the end!!!--<br><br>--We made it to 100 supports! Lets keep it up!!!--

--We made it to 200 supporters! Lets keep it coming!!!--<br><br><br>Today I will be showing you my interpretation of the Minecraft Swamp biome! It was very fun to build and I hope you enjoy!<br><br>Features:<br><br>* 2 trees with vines<br><br>* 3 small ponds<br><br>* A witch hut<br><br>* 4 micromobs (Gold armor Steve, Iron golem, Witch and Cat)<br><br>* 2 caves<br><br>* A couple of mushrooms<br><br>* 3 special blocks at the end!<br><br>* And many more cool things!<br><br>If you liked my project, please support! and pass the word!<br>Now, lets move on to the review!<br><section class="migrated-update"><img src="" data-image-id="276046" data-image-path="migrated/081/cb3/276046/image" data-thumbnail-path="migrated/081/cb3/276046/thumb"><p>Closer look at the micromobs, and as my other 2 projects they use prints (stickers)....</p></section><section class="migrated-update"><img src="" data-image-id="312306" data-image-path="migrated/7a7/2d4/312306/image" data-thumbnail-path="migrated/7a7/2d4/312306/thumb"><p>Closer look without micromobs, oh wait nevermind, the Witch is watching you! Anyways, It is not fully tiled with 1x1 bricks, Ill upgrade it as soon as I can.
And on one of the upper corners you may see the Witch`s hut interior with the Bookshelf and Enchanting table!

The caves! Oh hey! TNT! Yep, 1 cave comes with TNT and the other with Diamonds!

Here are 3 blocks I made! I thought it would be nice to give it a little touch! Comes with an Enchantmeant table, Bookshelf and TNT!

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Well, that was it! I hope you like it! And if you did please support!

Also please check my other projects! I will be making more of these, stay tuned!

Special thanks to DH123, IronManMk17, StickCity, BrickCore99, Creatorj1, brickking31, Ayd2195 and lf26soda for ideas, thanks guys!

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