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Spectron: Rescue


Well... bye for now!

One of two things will happen.
1: This project is going to go under wraps for a while. The background story is too complicated to put on an IDEAS project really, and I think I'll wait till I'm old enough for LEGO WorldBuilder.


2: I will completely rebuild it digitally and resubmit it with higher quality images.

Thanks to everyone who supported this! I'll always remember it as my first project to get more than 100 supporters!

(And, as always, feel free to check out some of my other projects!!)


Pheonix Render

Here you are!


Junkshop: The SpendSwift vs. Spectron: Rescue

Currently, my projects are tied with 119 supporters.

Which will get a supporter first?!



As promised, here is the original description for my project (story update coming in a few days, be patient)

​Empress Rosasaki and her brother, Prince Hikaru, were testing the new Phoenix, when their instruments detected a gravitational anomaly. As they drew nearer to investigate, they saw a transparent violet snake lunge toward them out of the darkness...

     She lasergramed a distress signal out to any Enforcers in the area by her bracelet, as they drifted towards a small asteroid where a hooded ghost was lurking.

     "Could this be the same thing that took most of the Gold Outriders?" asked Hikaru.

     The Empress, who was busy trying wires and combinations to get their circuits back up and running, paused before replying. "Maybe. The gravity displacement and viper would fit their descriptions, but if so why is it alone?"

      "I don't know, but my control panel is getting a little power back - have you tried replacing the crystals?"



       2 clics away, a Surge Disruptor class spaceship was making a routine patrol along the area, when they received an urgent distress signal.

       "Captain," Steve Zeal said. "Do we engage? The style indicates this is from a Starbeam ship."

       "Did the Emerald Knights instigate civil war back when we had a planet?"



       Back in the Pheonix, Rosasaki had a visual on the masked ghost. She screamed, "Hikaru, it's the Makuta!"

       Hikaru turned pale. "No way. He's just a scarytale designed to frighten children in to going to bed on time, right?"

       "I thought so. Do you know how far the engineer said we could hyperjump?"

       "He said something crazy, like 'up to 6 heptaclics'!"

         "Good, because we're going to need it to get out of this anomaly - Hang on, is that a Disruptor?"

         Hikaru strained his eyes. "Yes!"


         Want to finish the story? What are these crystals? Why is Makuta here? Tell me in the comments. As always, please support, share, and rate.


This is going to be close...

11 supporters in 8 days...


Can we make it?!


Only 10 days left...

Thanks to all who have supported this.

We have 14 to go till the next milestone, and 10 days left. If you haven't already, PLEASE share!


Hotel Senemosewa

My contest entry looks very familiar... (check out picture 13 and compare)

On model rendering

I downloaded - and I built the Starbeam Pheonix first!

More to come soon...


Only 9,025 to go!

OK, that sounded better in my head... XD