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Spectron: Rescue

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         Empress Rosasaki Starbeam's heart was in her mouth. Ever since the mysterious, dark entity known as the Makuta captured the entire fleet of the Golden outriders, his empire had spread. 
         "What's up, Rose?" Her brother Hiroshi asked - as was customary for Starbeam members, he said it as fast as possible. "You look terrible."
         "Oh, it's nothing," She pulled herself together. "Nothing in particular."
         "We're nearly there - and there is a Surge Dragon-Class Enforcer on the way too."
         Oh great. She thought. There goes our element of surprise.
         "I guess they could be helpful if we need cover-fire."

         "Whoa! If I had a Crescent for every weapon in here, I'd be rich." Syzgus Walker said.
         "You flatter us." Max Underwood said. "I would've thought a Starstrider like you would've had more foresight!"
         "Captain," Caila Storm reported."There's an empty Terrapin out here-"
         "Serves 'em right if you ask me," Steve Zeal interjected.
         "If the Makuta has a Terrapin, things could be grave indeed." Syzgus observed. "He might even be able to withstand your Fireshafts." Displaying the usual anticipation of his tribe, Syzgus refrained from trying to convince them that the Emerald Knights were human too.

         Monstux gazed up at the Makuta, who was assimilating a Golden Outrider.
         "Teridax, do you have to be so noisy when you eat? The sound of a human's soul departing still bothers me."
         "You know it's as much their weakness as my absorption. The Electro Magnetic Virus only does part of the work." Teridax glowered at him. "Since I left Mata Nui, I have never been able to regain a body, and I need regular infusion to keep myself alive."
         Monstux snorted. "I heard you were exiled. At least left on my own - wait. Is it just me or did their spcacesheild flicker?"

         Despite her fallen comrades, Seliel fought on, resisting with all her strength against the numbing influence of the Makuta's presence. Her technoswords were starting to flicker, but she held on. The cyber-wrayth with twin scimitars was pressing hard. Soon she would have to give up. And no-one would ever know - suddenly she heard something that made her heart skip a beat...

I have 2 spaceships with clip off functions. I was inspired by the classic LEGO Space modular capabilities. The evil lair is the base of the Makuta, and the reason I have one pic upside down is to show the crazy angles I worked into it. To introduce you to the story, I wrote this tale...

         Want to finish the story? What are these crystals? Why is Makuta here? Ask me in the comments. As always, please support, share, and rate.

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