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Frederick "the red-eyed tree" Frog


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If you love Frederick and want him to be an official LEGO set, please support this project. It's easy and free! Just click the green support button to the right of your browser. Frederick needs 10,000 supporters to be reviewed by LEGO. If you would like to help this project more, please spread the word and post this on any online outlet you can think of.

If this project does not reach 10,000 supporters by April 30, 2015, this project will go back to zero supporters and we have to start all over again. Spreading the word is more important now than ever!

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Frederick Frog is a non-IP based original design. He didn't start out as a Cuusoo project, but he made such a great pet, we had to share him. We were unable to build him in these colors in real life due to LEGO not producing all of these pieces in the colors pictured.

Unlike Frederick's real-life brothers and sisters who remain motionless during the day, he loves to play anytime. Since he's made of LEGO bricks, he can be handled without harm. He loves it when you pet him and he loves attention. He is very sturdy and fun to play with. We also made a brick built fly, but didn't name him, as we didn't want to get attached to Freddie's food.

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This Cuusoo project is a collaboration between my husband and I. This is our second Cuusoo collaboration. His username is buggyirk. He is the builder. I helped with the build and did the graphic design/presentation. The part count for this project is 286 pieces. There are no new molds or printed pieces.

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You can see all these pictures in higher resolution on Flickr by clicking here .

If you are interested in building Frederick, we posted the LEGO Digital Design file on, here. Just search for "Frederick" (without the quotes) in the creation name search box to download the file.

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