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Gerry Anderson's Stingray - Terror Fish Pursuit!

Stand by for action! We are about to launch Stingray! Anything can happen in the next half hour!

In the 2060s, Stingray discovered many new civilisations under the surface of the world's oceans. Now, in the 2070s, Captain Troy Tempest and his fellow aquanauts continue to patrol the oceans for the World Aquanaut Security Patrol (WASP). This brave new world required WASP to expand its fleet, and so a new, single person version of the successful Stingray design - the Stingray Striker - was created to give WASP greater flexibility. Easier for WASP to produce, harder for enemies to know what they were up against!


Why do I want you to hit the blue Support button? This is a set aimed at two generations. I grew up on repeats of Stingray and other Gerry Anderson shows when they were still quite young - Stingray was the first show shot entirely in colour for British television, so I'm showing my age a touch! As it paved the way for Thunderbirds in the 1960s, so the modern CGI Thunderbirds Are Go series referenced Stingray in its very first episode, with a CGI Stingray appearing in a tank in Tracy Island every time Thunderbird 4 takes to the sea under its own power! This is the lasting appeal of Stingray, some 50 plus years on from when it first aired. So why not now finally release a set based on a timeless Gerry Anderson classic for both generations to enjoy?

The Set

I'm working through the current crisis (hopefully not Titan or X-2-Zero up to no good on this occasion) but of course seeing so many new Ideas coming through I had to take some time out to develop this Idea! I realised though that a LEGO set based on the original Stingray would have to be really big to take Troy and Phones sitting side by side as minifigures. Yet I still wanted a minifigure in the set for the younger generation, so I settled on a compromise - Stingray on the outside for the grown ups, with room for a single minifigure on the inside so the children get a submarine they can really play with! It includes:

  • An easily removable top deck with conning tower and periscope
  • Torpedoes on the hydroplanes
  • A Troy Tempest minifigure
  • A spinning hydrojet
  • A Seabug drone for scouting or additional swimming speed! 

For added fun, this Idea brings in a Terror Fish, Titan's standard fish-like submarine used to cause the Stingray crew some headaches! It includes:

  • A brick rather than plate based design to try and capture the shape of the original Terror Fish
  • Concealed torpedoes in the jaw of the fish!
  • An Aquaphibian minifigure
  • Opening "eye" hatches

This set contains less than 500 parts, but hopefully brings back memories and can help you make new ones if like my own son you're a member of the Thunderbirds Are Go generation!

Feedback and sharing would be very welcome, here or via social media, and if it proves popular, I'll have a think about what else could be added! Let's try and get a Gerry Anderson LEGO set out there for the first time! Please also have a look at my other Gerry Anderson project here!

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