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Earthsea Triptych / Adventures of Sparrowhawk


200 Supporters!

Thanks to everyone who helped me hit 200 supporters. There is still time to reach 1000, fingers crossed! I am sharing a flythrough video which I made into an Instagram Reel. The awesome soundtrack for the reel is "In the Tombs of Atuan" by the band Claymorean, and is about the life of the one priestess Arha, featured in the second panel of the triptych.


Thanks for Milestone #1

Thanks to everyone who helped me reach 100 supporters. We are halfway there....on a log axis!

As a special thanks, I'd like to share a couple new renders I've created with a bit more special effects than the originals. They also provide an up-close look at the interior spaces of the second panel. They are loosely inspired by the events in Chapter 5 of the The Tombs of Atuan, which is entitled "Light Under The Hill".

Hope you enjoy!

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