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Vintage McDonalds

Take a blast to the past with the 1950s original style McDonald's fast food restaurant with a fully detailed interior and the widely known and recognizable Golden Arches. Go inside and see how the kitchen was made with a similar setup to how the McDonald brothers designed and drew it out on the tennis court, making it the most efficient possible cooking space. Inside the kitchen includes Ray Kroc's revolutionary multimixer, an ice cream machine (that actually works!), a large black-top grill, a custard counter, fryer, root beer machine, soft drink fountain, a cash register, and much more packed into the space! The outside is very aesthetically pleasing with the red and white stripes, the order and pickup windows being placed in a durable, perfect angle, a latter for roof access, a door to the kitchen as well as to the restroom in the back, and all of the angles and shapes that make the design unique and nice looking from all sides of the build.

The reason I built this set was because I have built other McDonald's MOCs in the past, but they have all been the more recent styes, and after a while I just got bored of the plain, average ones that are seen in real life every day, so I had to do something different and more challenging. That is why I came up with building this old style McDonald's, which came as a challenge when figuring out how to do all of the angles correctly, especially with the arches and windows. In the end, I had a lot of fun with the build and I feel like anyone who could have the opportunity to build this as a real set would also greatly enjoy it, and it also would make a great display piece.

This would make a great LEGO set for anyone as McDonald's is one of if not the largest fast food restaurant chain in the world and so many people would be interested and easily recognize it and want to purchase a set as unique and nice to display like this one. This idea of the old style McDonald's is also fairly rare in LEGO form, so this would be a newer idea and this is the best, largest, and most accurate to choose because others are not as detailed as this one. So, take the few minutes to support the vintage McDonald's, it will be worth it at the end when you can buy it as a real set!

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