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Townhouse And Basketball Court


Hello and thank you for taking the time to view this project page.

This is a townhouse in a city next to a basketball court. The townhouse is supposed to be half of a duplex, but the other side of the property was sold and so the roof exists in the strange state that it does, and looks like one half of it was cut off. If one wanted to, they could buy two of these (if this project were to become a set, with your support!) and switch the side where the basketball court is to create a duplex. 

The house was built to be sort of gloomy on purpose. Although nobody likes to think about it, there is always that one gloomy house. The reason that I built this project was to build "that house." This was not based on any real home that I have seen. It is only a rendition of what I might expect to see from a house that is sort of cold and plain. In reality, it ended up with me going a bit overboard with the whole "plain" idea, but now I see it as almost exaggerated. Yes, there is that one house in every city, but this is an exaggerated version, just for the sake of being different, I suppose.

Thank you for taking a look at this project!

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