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Rainbow Unicorn


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Rainbow Unicorn

Inspired by my daughters love of all things magical I built my first ideas submission. Guided by my three year old, who assured me unicorns don’t have wings but they do have rainbow manes and tails, the engineer inside took over and articulation of the legs, neck and tail were a must. However I decided to keep away from a complex technic build as the most likely target market is 4 - 10 years olds and I want them to be able to build it.

The small spring diorama gives scale and a colourful contrast to the main build.

I hope that you all love the idea and don’t forget to vote!


A couple of answers preempting  questions / criticisms ...

The grey bricks and joints in the legs add a nice contrast but are not strictly correct. These could be changed for white. The mane should match coloured feather pieces, but I don’t have access to the parts - I’m not even sure they all exist in the right shades.


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