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DUPLO Bunny (43cm High)

This build is bunny and carrot. (Enlarged version)

Where did your children’s DUPLO go?
Did you throw it away or put it in the attic?

Today, I found a way to reuse them all as a giant LEGO home display statue.
There maybe fewer interactive elements in it, but you can easily assemble it up or rebuild it.

In the past, I often worried about my LEGO creations being taking apart by children. 
After I replaced LEGO with DUPLO, they can enjoy the fun of dismantling my build, and I can have fun assembling my build (easy and quick).

This giant bunny is made up of 136 DUPLO parts. The size of this work is 43 cm high, 22 cm long and 17.5 cm deep.

DUPLO is very suitable for home decoration. In this bunny idea, I try to maximize use the arc of the Duplo parts. This set is good for parents and babies to have fun together.

Thank you for support and comment.

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