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Mr. Bean


Until next time...

So, with two days to go, i guess we didn't make it. That's too bad. But this gives me the opportunity to refine my idea and resubmit it in the future. thanks for all your support, maybe we'll do better next time!


Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

I know this is late, but i've had some school things to worry about.

Anyways, the next update was supposed to be some instructions, but again, due to school, I'm a little behind. But stay tuned, It should be going up soon. like later in the week soon... hopefully. anyways, thanks again for all the support!


New Renders!


Here are some new renders of each of the cars! I also have a thanksgiving surprise for everyone to say thanks for all the support! so stay tuned! Anyways, enjoy the pics!


1000 Supporters!

So this is a little late going up, but since we hit 1000 supporters, I wanted to say thank you with this!

through the link you will find the LDD file, as well as a larger version of the latest render! There are also some LDD files and renders for projects that didn't make it to LEGO Ideas for various different reasons, but are still worth taking a look at. 

Thanks so much you guys!


New Bean!

Hey everyone! So a couple of things i wanted to say really quick. First, thanks so much for all the support! it's been awesome! And second, I my computer crashed... that is why i hadn't been able to render anything and put up new projects. But good news! while i've been waiting to get a new computer, I have been working on lots of new projects and I also happened across a new render program called BlueRender which i was able to get to work on my tablet! So for my first render with the new program i decided to fix up Mr. Bean with some custom decorations (decorations being the file name for the piece decals for those of you who are new to the term like me.)

So yeah! i may have some updates for other projects like the psych office with the custom decorations soon as well. So stay tuned! i should have new stuff shortly! And thanks again everybody! Feel free to spread the word and share so we can get to 10000!

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