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Mr. Bean


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Hello everyone!

Here we have Mr. Bean! I based this set on two specific parts of the TV show, the episode where he buys the chair and drives it home on top of his car, and the one where he tries to get out of the parking garage and nearly runs into the mysterious blue car on his way out. i felt all these little pieces make up a great set. you've got both cars, the ticketed exit bar, and Bean riding atop his car with a broom for steering and teddy to keep him company. Also included of course is the driver of the blue car, which since we never see him in the show, we don't know what he looks like... so i will leave that up to you guys to decide. Anyways please support this project if you like, and also my others in the links below!

Luke's Landspeeder       sorry this got taken down, but i'm                                                                                                                  working on it!

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