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Old Hospital



This is my first entry in the LEGO Ideas - model of an old hospital, inspired by the early 20th century architecture and one of my favorite childhood sets – 6380 from 1987.

It’s compatible with official modular buildings and uses a 32x32 baseplate. Three removable floors and roof. Fully detailed interior. There are no minifigs in the pictures, but I can imagine the final product would contain 5-6 figures of staff and patients.

The hospital is surrounded by a brick wall with a large cast-iron gate leading inside. A small garden, next to the entrance, for patients and staff to catch a breath of fresh air. Inside, the reception and waiting area are located. The next floor is the ICU, operating theater, on-call room and showers. The top floor contains a recovery unit with beds and a TV. A separate staircase leads to all the floors and to the maintenance hatch in the roof. Can you spot the spider web inside?

If you like this idea, I’d appreciate your support and sharing it with others.

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