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Sci-Fi Marine Suit


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This is my third and final project to gage how my sci-fi game might be received.

This is a fully posable mech suit. It has every working joint it should, especially thanks to a rubber band holding on the arms and head. This is just one of many marine suit designs I have made. The design could also double as a space suit, but I've already made a space variation for that.

I made this because I want to show how small models can be powerful and detailed, sometimes more so than large models.

This is part of a larger rpg which I am still in the process of designing. This means I am going to ask you not to try to build this (I cannot stop you, especially if this somehow became a setm but please don't.)

This suit has an enormous amount of possibilities, many of which I hav not even discovered yet, so if you have any ideas or even criticisms, feel free to tell me in a comment.

Any support is much appreciated.

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