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Order 66: The Jedi Archives


Welcome to my Lego idea!


One of my favourite things about the Star Wars universe is the depth and diversity of all the races within the lore. Another of my favourite things about Star Wars is the Jedi, so I decided for this build that I wanted to merge the two and have the main aim of this idea to increase the number of Jedi from different races who aren't central characters.

Next I had a think about scenes from the movies and series that could incorporate multiple Jedi races whilst still presenting an interesting design. I settled on the Jedi archives where many Jedi would be as well as set it during Revenge of the Sith when Darth Vader and the 501st raid it to present two sides. I think the library structures themselves are a great structure to build and I would love to see them in Lego.


I am really happy with the way the archive structure turned out as I think with the shelves full of fluorescent blue lights and the research desk are both accurate to the film and interesting designs. I think there aren't enough structures in the Lego Star Wars range, an issue which Lego has already begun to solve with an increase in that type of set.

The build is currently around 1500 bricks which is in most part due to the amount of plates for the shelves. I think this number could easily be brought to 500 bricks by scaling down the size of the shelves and only having one or making the other a "destroyed" shelf, I used two to better demonstrate the build. 

My only gripe with the structure is that I would like for the statues at the end of the shelves to be a gold colour rather than tan to be more true to Revenge of the Sith.


The minifigures for this idea will be Darth Vader, two 501st clones and three Jedi.


All the Jedi names will be coming out of Star Wars from both the canon and the Legends/EU.

Now to get you guys involved I decided that I would create a multitude of Jedi all with different races and let you choose which one you would like to see in the set, however for now the default three are the ones in the picture, I will update the project at later date with a way to vote. You will get to choose two of the final Jedi, I will be choosing one.

The Jedi I am choosing is the Trandoshan as it is one of my favourite races and they are severely under represented in Lego Star Wars sets. I would love to see the Trandoshan head mold in a different colour with maybe even a mottled pattern.


Here is a list of all the races there will be to choose from starting with the three pictured:

  1. Race: Trandoshan,
    Name: Lissarkh,
  2. Race: Duros,
    Name: Cei Vookto,
  3. Race: Nikto,
    Name: Ma'kis'shaalas,
  4. Race: Shistavanen,
    Voolvif Monn,
  5. Race: Weequay,
    Name: Sora Bulq,
  6. Race: Jawa,
    Name: Akial,
  7. Race: Ortolan,
    Name: Nem Bees,
  8. Race: Sullustan,
    Name: Darrin Arkanian,
  9. Race: Geonosian,
    Name: *Unknown*,
    Wiki: N/A
  10. Race: Bith,
    Name: Ph'ton,
  11. Race: Klatooinian,
    Name: *Unknown*,
    Wiki: N/A

  12. Race: Rodian,
    Name: Huulik,
  13. Race: Ugnaught,
    Name: Treetower,
  14. Race: Neimoidian,
    Name: *Unknown*,
    Wiki: N/A
  15. Race: Tusken,
    Name: A'Sharad Hett,
  16. Race: Gran,
    Name: *Unknown*,
  17. Race: Chiss,
    Name: Nuru Kungurama,
  18. Race: Bothan,
    Name: Kai Hudorra,
  19. Race: Chadra-Fan,
    Name: T'Teknulp,
  20. Race: Human,
    Name: *Unknown*,
    Wiki: N/A
  21. Race: Thi-Sen,
    Name: Foul Moudama,
  22. Race: Gungan,
    Name: Kin-Ya Dosun,
  23. Race: Devaronian,
    Name: *Unknown*,
    Wiki: N/A
  24. Race: Wookiee,
    Name: Gungi,
  25. Race: Verpine,
    Name: Beyghor Sahdett,
  26. Race: Cathar,
    Name: *Unknown*,
    Wiki: N/A
  27. Race: Kyuzo,
    Name: *Unknown*,
    Wiki: N/A


Wow if you are still reading at this point I am impressed! Remember to support, follow and comment on this Idea and lets get to 10,000 votes!

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