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"Stupid, stupid rat creatures!"
-Fone Bone

This LEGO Ideas set is based on Jeff Smith's brilliant comic series Bone. Part Looney Tunes, part Tolkien, and all wonderful, Bone tells the story of three chartoon characters, the Bone cousins, as they are driven from their home of Boneville and wind up in a magical valley. There they meet a beautiful girl named Thorn, her grandmother, and a variety of wondrous and terrifying creatures. The Bones adventures run the gamut from hilarious and whimsical, to exciting and epic. Filled with a variety of wonderful characters, strange creatures, and amazing adventures, Bone is perfect for a LEGO theme!

This set includes several builds, the largest of which is the Great Red Dragon. Complete with "big ol' hairy ears", sturdy arms, and ever watchful droopy eyes, the dragon is a sturdy build. I tried to make him as accurate to the comics as possible. "Never play an ace if a two will do."

Two rat creatures are included, one brown, one blue, to match the two stupid rat creatures from the comics. Complete with movable arms and legs, the rat creatures are ready to pester Fone Bone at every turn! Quiche not included.

Bartleby the baby rat creature has no articulation, but he is just as lovable and adorable as his comics counterpart. "He looks like a Bartleby, see?"

Minifigures included (counting the Bones) are as follows:

The beautiful and spirited girl Thorn (comes with sword, Harvestar necklace, and map)
The loyal and heroic Fone Bone (comes with backpack, Kingdok's war club, and his beloved Moby Dick)
The greedy, manipulative, and protective Phoncible P. "Phoney" Bone (comes with small sword and "P. Rex" gold coins)
Easygoing and friendly Smiley Bone (comes with his guitar/horse, and blank sandwich) 
Strong and secretive Gran'ma Ben (comes with racing cow)
The evil and extremely dangerous Hooded One (comes with scythe and three locust)
Ted (he's a bug)

If you're a Bone fan, a fantasy fan, a comics fan, or you just love the set, please support, and leave a comment. Thank you so much for your time and have a great day!

"We're lost in the middle of th' desert! Give him a dollar!"