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Content Creator's Mansion - Modular Building

A content creator mansion, also known as a collaboration house or influencer house, is a space where a group of content creators live and work together to create content for their respective platforms. Here are some key elements that a content creator house should have:

Spacious living area: The house should have enough room to accommodate content creators comfortably. This includes bedrooms, a kitchen, and common areas for relaxation and collaboration.

Studio and production facilities: The house should be equipped with a dedicated studio or production area where creators can film videos, record podcasts, take photos, and edit their content. 

Content creation spaces: In addition to a central studio, the house should have other designated spaces for different types of content creation. For example, a podcasting booth. This allows creators to diversify their content and work on projects simultaneously.

Collaboration areas: Collaborative spaces are essential for fostering creativity and brainstorming ideas. A communal workspace and comfortable seating can encourage creators to work together, share knowledge, and support each other's projects.

Social and recreational areas: Content creators often need downtime and relaxation to recharge their creativity. The house should provide recreational areas such as a lounge, or outdoor spaces where creators can unwind, bond, and have fun together.

This modular mansion includes 3 floors :
1st floor :
  • entertainment room with big TV and record player
  • brainstorming room with bookshelf, table and 4 puff chairs
  • pantry with stove, microwave, sink, refrigerator, table and chairs
2nd floor :
  • greenscreen studio
  • audio/video control room with 2 sets of computers, mixer and pair of LCD monitor
  • podcast studio
3rd floor :
  • bedroom where the creator lives
  • rooftop garden
  • rooftop bar to get inspirations and hang-out with friends/fans
Each floor includes a pair of minifigures.

Why modular? You can buy according your budget then collect them all. It's also playable!

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