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Space Police Orbital Truck


Those who follows me will know that all of my small spaceships are inspired by my daughter. 
This time she asked for the Space Police, but again it needs to be small and... it got to look like a truck.
- ... ? Truck - I asked - Like a space truck?
- Exactly! With a trailer for the bad guy!

So here you go. The Space Police Orbital Truck with a convict capsule.

We used only three classic colors: green, white and black. There are two laser guns on each side, and a big laser turret on the top. The capsule is detachable. So you can approach the local Space Police base leave the capsule with the "cargo" and pickup an empty one.

As for the details of the build. The truck is based on a actual car frame from set 6672 released in 1990. But instead of wheels we have small thrusters. The roof opens for easy access to the cabin. The capsule is attached using hinge parts no. 3640 and 3639 from set 6658 released in 1986. The movement is limited so it does not rattle during the voyage. The capsule is as small and thigh as possible. There are no comforts for bad guys.

I always loved this version of the Space Police. It's nice, clean and simple design. I would love to see it back on the shelves. Maybe with the renaissance of the classic Space (with Lego The Movie sets) we could also get the original Space Police back!

If you like it, please check the rest of our small crafts armada. Each was a challenge set by my daughter.

If you have been - thank you for reading.

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