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Medusa's Temple

Updated - 5/4/13

A Greek mythology themed set. Includes Medusa's temple, the Hero's ship, and 3 minifigures.

A small building, a vehicle, enough minifigures to tell a complete story, and reasonable size make this an appealing and reasonable creation that could be turned into a LEGO set.

The minifigures - from left to right:

Medusa the Gorgon: Collectible Minifigure Medusa with dagger and three matching snakes.

Perseus: Includes the option for hair or helm. Holds the gladius sword model and a custom painted shield. Perseus's reflective shield was vital to the defeat of Medusa as he was able to look at her reflection without being turned to stone. Shield is made from a round Spartan shield, a 1x1 dot, and a 2x2 disk.

Petrified Warrior: Medusa's gaze was said to turn people to stone. This former warrior attempted to best Medusa and failed.

The ship without a sail. The ship was built at a scale that kept the set small and looked like it could be sailed by one person.

The temple.

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