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Thai House

I'm Phat Nattapol. I'm 15 years old this year. I was 14 years old last year. I designed a Lego Ideas as Phra Prang Sam Yot. I designed a Thai House in this year. I love being Thai and want to show this love through Lego again in the style of Thai.

Thai houses are buildings that have been with Thai people for a long time. The size of the house indicates the status of the owner of the house and the number of residents in the house. Thai house in the past were next to the river because people would travel by water rather than by land.

I have built five Thai houses. It's a big Thai house and has a large number of family residents. I made a large family of Minifigures. There are children playing a traditional Thai game called Lee Lee Khao San. Couple going on a boat trip. Parents stand and watch things in the house happily. And animals living together happily in the house.

I use all 2,964 bricks.

I very much hope that this piece will be liked by all of you.  Please support me for every job too.

Thank you very much  

The boy from Thailand

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