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Mortal Engines - London


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60 minutes was all it took to bring humanity to the brink of extinction.

Mankind mobilized. Cities were put on wheels.

A new age arose- The age of the great Predator Cities.

Survival of the fastest.

Hester Shaw is a woman with a vendetta. Boarding the rolling town of Salthook, she plans to infiltrate the Predator City of London and assassinate renowned scientist Thaddeus Valentine for the murder of her mother.

However, her attempted homicide goes off the rails when she is inavertently thwarted by Tom Natsworthy, an oblivious archeologist who instantly knows too much for Valentine's tastes.

The both of them are thrown out of London, and join forces with rebel airship captain Anna Fang to make it back to the rolling city in time to stop Valentine, who has plans of his own...

...Welcome to London.

 - Includes the Predator City of London, and mini versions of the Salthook Mining Town and Jenny Haniver Airship

 - Minifigures include Hester Shaw, Tom Natsworthy, Anna Fang, and Thaddeus Valentine

 - Design of Predator City London based on the upcoming film

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