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Functional RC Pickup and 5th Wheel!


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The LEGO Remote-Controlled vehicle we have all been waiting for is finally here! This 598-piece minifig-scale pickup truck and camper has both drive and steering, thanks to a special mechanism beneath the truck bed, along with a single motor, receiver, and battery box all housed in the 5th wheel camper! And, even cooler, the motor and gears that make it move are so compact that there is room for up to three LEGO minifigures in the well-furnished interiors of the 5th wheel and the truck cab! Lift the hood to inspect the engine block!

Here's how it works:
The motor is housed in the fifth wheel, and the hitch doubles as the driveshaft, which delivers power to the back wheels of the truck. The hitch/driveshaft can spin either direction, pulling the truck one way or another to steer. The key to successfully driving and steering with one motor is a cool mechanism hidden in the truck's bed which allows the tires to continue to spin forward.

This project has even been field tested at a school event, surpassing all expectations. For a full day, small children drove it all over the place, handling it, looking inside, and showing their friends how to use the simple controls. The truck and 5th wheel both remained intact through it all, not even needing a single repair to disrupt the fun!

As an official LEGO set, this would be a must-have for any lego fan. All the details and cool functions make it an eye-catching display piece even when not being driven around.
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