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Consolidation Steam Locomotive

Based on North American prototypes, this 2-8-0 Consolidation steam locomotive captures the beauty and power of these tremendous machines. With its accurate drive bar and shaft detailing, the locomotive is an impressive sight to behold as both a display model and an operational train hauler, with space for drive motors in the tender. The locomotive is designed to handle the sharp LEGO turns with ease. The locomotive also features a detailed cab with assorted levers, knobs, valves, gauges, seats, and fire box hatch. The exterior of the steamer is heavily detailed as well, with a bell, whistle, super heater, numerous air valves, cylinders, headlights, grab irons, steam and sand domes, firebox, water release valves, opening steam box, detailed trucks, rivets, as well as prototypical bar movement to capture the extravagance of steam locomotives. Both tender trucks are powered to provide maximum hauling capacity, with the receiver (visible on the top of the tender) and battery box hidden in the tender (a button in the coal pile turns the battery box on and off). Please click the "support" button if you like this build, and be sure to tell your family and friends to provide their support too in order to make this locomotive a real set for all to enjoy!

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