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NASA-Vehicle Assembly Building


Bonus 1:110 scale build


I have posted build instructions for a 1:110 scale 'Little Joe II' Rocket - the smallest of the Apollo rockets as an update on my NASA Crawler-Tansporter project. Its a thank you for the support so far. I have noticed on the newsfeed that a lot of people are supporting my NASA projects so here is a link to the instructions.




'Taller' VAB

I received a comment that the VAB looked a little squat. Looking again at the photographs of the building I had to agree and set about inproving the proportions of the building.

As with most Architecture models there is a feature on which the whole model depends. In this case its is the four tall main Bay doors. Lego elements define the size of the door and it just can't be changed . This meant that the physical height of the model was fixed. To make it look taller I needed to reduce the other two dimensions (length and width). The model has been rebuilt from the ground up (apart from those doors) and the Model now stands on a 28x26 base as opposed to the original's 32x32. There is a small reduction in the number of pieces but no change to the level of detail. The roof is still fully detailed as are the bays which you can see when you look in through the open door.

Thank you for your support and I hope this update has addressed any concerns you may have had over the proportions of the model.

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