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Jesser Bucket Squad Basketball Court


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This is the Jesser Bucket Squad Court.

I need 10,000 supporter so every vote counts!

Also its free so please vote

I believe this would make a great LEGO set because everyone like Jesser and a lot of people like basketball so why not?

I built this because I love watching Jesser and I would love to see this as a LEGO set.

Again please tell all your friends to support this because it would be amazing if this actually became a lego set and I have a time limit to get 10,000 supporter.

Please comment what you think about this project I would love to know so I can get feedback for next time

Have in mind that the plate to the left of the hoop is a differant colour this is because I didn't have enough plates in that colour and if this becomes a set it will be changed.

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