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Minecraft Zombie Attack


The New Lego Minecraft Zombie Attack is my 3rd Minecraft set that I halved made,This set has 304 bricks and it is an original prototype model, not a final Product. This set contains square hills on it's landscape which I added a  few reddish brown bricks to add the background of this set, and I added some earth green bricks on top of the reddish brown ones.   I added 2 trees and 6 flowers for this set.

This set has 9 minifigures included which are 6 Zombies and 3 Steve figures (Note, The Steve figures are alternate skins for Steve).

The skins for Steve are the Diamond knight Steve, Robin Hood Steve, and the Agent Steve. And there are 3 swords in this set (2 Diamond swords and 1 metalic sword).

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