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Mission Control - Apollo Missions


How did the United States send a few brave men to walk on the moon? It is an amazing feat, but I think the dozens of engineers working around the clock might be part of the answer. It is after all, rocket science. It certainly was this type of work that saved the crew of the Apollo 13 mission.

With this set I give you Apollo Mission Control a set complete with aspiring young engineers and the basic computer consoles that aided them in their work.

Here is a look at the actual Apollo mission control for comparison.

The set I am proposing would actually be a smaller scale as shown here, but multiple sets could be combined for a larger mission control room.

The set shown above has the following features:

  • 280 pieces
  • 4 engineer minifigures
  • 8 chairs
  • A trans-earth trajectory map
  • An earth orbit map

Each engineer minifigure would come with a skinny tie, pocket full of pencils and the set would include a couple slide rules.

Obviously the shirt graphic would be better, but it's my attempt at a custom graphic.

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