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Steam Engine Train


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Travel back in time to A.D. 1925.

Ascend the coach box and take apple and carrots to the next train station. Load them into the freight car. Close the sliding door, enter the passenger car and enjoy the trip to the next city.

Steam engine:

The steam engine bases on the German steam engine These engines were manufactured between 1917 and 1924 in a total quantity of 1.478. The last engine retired 1976.

The Prussian G 12 was a goods train locomotive, and as goods train locomotives have small wheels for high traction force I used small LEGO train wheels.

Most German steam engines had a red chassis, and so my LEGO steam engine has too. But only in CAD, LEGO train wheel pair, RC train motor and its decorative side are not (yet) available in red. The last LEGO buffer in red has been produced 30 years ago for set 7715.


The G12 was usually equipped with a three axle tender, but I decided to take only two. So the tender stays short and does not require special design to make the third pair of wheels movable axially.

I did not like the plain, high gloss surface of the tender, so I decided to take bricks with studs on sides. These studs symbolize oversized rivets.

Freight car:

The freight car consists of a black, riveted steel frame with wooden boards. This design continues the design line of the tender with oversized rivets.

Passenger car

Original is a narrow gauge train "Harzer Schmalspur Bahnen" 

Carriage drawn by two horses:

There is no real model for this carriage, I just watched several pictures of carriages and then built this one. As the freight car the carriage bases on a black steel frame with some oversized rivets and wooden boards.


Steam engine:

  • Power functions motor
  • Firebox
  • Gauges
  • Front light


  • Contains battery box and IR receiver.
  • As a gimmick the tender has a shovel to press the on/off button of the battery box.

Freight car:

  • Sliding doors

Passenger car:

  • Entrance with iron ladder and fence
  • wooden seats
  • removable roof


  • Turnable pivot center
  • Flat spring (Slope, Curved 4 x 1 Double No Studs)
  • Reins (String with End Studs 31L Overall)

Number of parts in total: 940 (for comparison: Horizon Express: 1326 parts)


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