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Sailing Boat

This is a sailing boat with a futuristic shape and twist. The sail is flat, covered with solar panels and it can turn around on its base, the boat has a type of anchor at the rear, there are two lower decks and one top deck with the helm, a front radar and a telescope. It also has steps on the side and a small boat attached at the back that can be lowered and detached. The figure has a diving suit, a life jacket, a red hat and is dressed with orange trousers.
I built it for, and with, my child to play with and have fun, and I have seen him play with it for many many days. I like playing with this set myself actually, and would not want to break it apart.
The set looks very cool to us, the colours could certainly be made uniform and changed to taste, it is built from pieces we had at home, and thanks to moving parts, or played together with other items such as a lighthouse for instance, it can really stimulate the imagination as a play set. Many thanks!

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