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Modular Medieval Village


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Welcome, wayfarers! I am really glad that you have reached the Modular Medieval Village!
The project consists in 2.871 total pieces, minifigures included, and it is built by 100% existing parts and colors. The main version, which is what you see as the first image, measures 32x48 studs, that is 26,2 x 39,1 x 34,2 cm or 10.3 x 15.4 x 13.5 inches (WxLxH).
The village is based on six interconnectable 16x16 modules and it is organized in two main areas:
  • the buildings area, which consists in three modular buildings
  • the market square area, which is dedicated to the social life of our villagers
The three buildings are compact and modular, as they are connected together by a couple of 1x2 bricks with hole and two Technic pins, just like the traditional and modular buildings. The main difference of these compact versions compared to the traditional 32x32 modular sets is the distance of the bricks with hole, to allow free space in front of each building.
The other three 16x16 bases are connected together and to the buildings by 2x2 tiles or by other smaller models. One of them is composed by two 8x16 plates and this allows more and more connection possibilities!


The three interchangeable buildings of the set are:
  • the Poor Man’s House. The owner is a peasant who has just moved to our village from the countryside. His new house is a two-story building but it looks pretty unkempt! On the ground floor we find a stable, while on the first and last floor there is a single room where the Poor Man eats and sleeps
  • the Nobleman’s Tower House. The owner is a very rich man, so his house is a four-story building in Italian medieval style. On the ground floor there is a double access, one that leads to a small armory and one to the kitchen room. On the first floor the dining room is the beating heart of social life for our Nobleman while on the second floor we find a classy bedroom. The top floor under the watch tower hides instead a treasure of gold and precious stones...
  • the Village Guards Barrack. It is a compact and essential building in Northern European style, which features only a weapons room and a small dormitory. The residents are a nice family of soldiers!
Every building is fully open at the back, just like the dolls houses, and this makes the set highly playable!


Each building of the set has its own style and the interiors try to emulate the look and feel of medieval furniture, declined by social classes:
  • the Poor Man’s House features a corner bed with a patched blanket, a broken table and a cheap stool
  • the Nobleman’s Tower House is furnished in a much richer way: on the first floor the banquet table is always laid and the floor is completely paved by high-end tiles, while the bedroom is equipped with everything you need to spend a comfortable night, including a fireplace and... a chamber pot!
  • the Village Guards Barrack represents the spartan lifestyle of soldiers, but at least the armory racks are full of every type of weapon!


The set also includes some other little models, which give life to the village and come in handy to connect the baseplates:
  • the Knight's Statue, a monument made by stone, silver and gold that pays homage to the old founder of the village
  • the Baker’s Stand, which is the heart of the village market
  • two Street lamps, to dissuade the village Bandit from stealing at night
  • a Road Sign, to show the right way to wayfarers and villagers


The set includes 9 minifigures, that represent with a good deal of imagination every class of the medieval society:
  • the Poor Man, who is one of the many peasants of the time
  • the Nobleman, a member of the inner circle of aristocrats
  • the Guards Family: a nice family consisting of the Brave Soldier, a very experienced warrior who is skilled in hand-to-hand combat, the Master Archer, who is his wife, and their Restless Kid, a child who dreams of being a knight and facing hordes of enemies only with his... stick!
  • the Baker’s Son, an orphan who now runs his father’s stand alone
  • the Young Falconer, a teenager who practices every day to become a Royal Falconer
  • the Bandit, who spends his days just dreaming of stealing cookies
  • the Wanderer, who is always ready to tell stories about distant countries to the villagers
The model also features some animals: a dog, a cow and two brick built birds.
If you take a careful look, you will see that inside the Poor Man's barn there is enough space to accommodate even a goat… Could this be the right time to have that mold back? What do you think?


The set is ready to play but, after all… it is Lego! So you can customize the design as you want!

You can create at least three alternative versions of the village just by using the same pieces of the set. The dimensions of the models can change in a surprising way just by mixing the ground plates: you can get a different 32x48, a combo of 16x48 and 24x32 or even a 16x96 model!

But the village can also become a platform for your creativity. All you have to do is to get a 16x16 plate and create your own compact module, to modify or expand the village!
You can use a “freestyle approach” or take inspiration from my Instagram account @albricks_workshop to unleash your creativity. What about a inn? A bakery? A tailor’s shop? Or maybe just placing a farmer's cart on the ground?
Brick on brick, there are endless possibilities to create new buildings or settings. The 16x16 modules are compact, so you won’t even need many pieces to create your own expansions!


Now it is your turn! You can turn this virtual project into an official Lego set!
It would be a great opportunity for you AFOLs to get a new Medieval Market Village for your collection after the iconic set 10193 of 2009... Or to display a new striking model in your living room. A set that you can build and rebuild every week in a different way!

But this would also be an ideal set for kids: the Middle Ages is a fascinating era and this set will definitely stimulate their imagination to live a thousand adventures in a distant world!

Moreover, from a practical point of view, this set would also be an invaluable collection of Lego medieval parts!

So what are you waiting for? Just click on the SUPPORT BUTTON and let's start the time machine together!

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