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Warehouse Style Hardware Store


This has slowed to not even a crawl.

Even though there is still just over three hundred days left, it needs three new supporters per day. Then after that a crazy 22 per day to reach 5000 and it only gets worse it then rocks to 27 per day.

Oh, well only three more projects and I'm calling it quits.

Please keep those supports and follows coming in for this and my other few remaining projects.

Thank you everyone..



A quick photo from Brick-a-laide

I have just been able to snap a quick photo. Later today I will try and more taken during the day I hope. Please keep those supports and follows coming in thank you. Brick On. (sorry for the photo delay issues with my smart phone)


It's apple growing time !

My latest project is up, so please support it if you like and the more supporters for both projects might mean more rural projects.


Brick On Support On everyone and thank you.


Plans are underway for more awesomeness

Now since this project has hit a hundred I must keep my promise of new projects.

So in a few days the apple orchard will be up (fingers crossed) and work beings shortly on new buildings same fresh and same redos.

This is what I might be using as the basis of a new super project, depending on the feedback from people.

Please feel free to comment or make suggestions.

Brick On Support On (yes, please more supporters the merrier) thank you.


Just a quick update

This is the cold store addition to this design for a LEGO show coming up at Easter time - Brick-a-laide.

Many country towns still have cold stores especially if they are in fruit production regions.

Please keep those supports and follows coming in thank you.

Brick On everyone  ! 



Close ups of the pallet stacker.

How does it look ? Please keep those supports flowing in thank you. Brick On everyone !


Another quick update.

I finally built that fork truck unit.

The only issue with the design is the minifig needs to be on a stud at least so it doesn't get top heavy and tip over.

Brick On Support On everyone ! 


Close up times

A few people have asked for some close up images.

Please comment if you wish on this project and support/follow it also if like it.

Brick On everyone !

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