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Warehouse Style Hardware Store


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This is one of largest and most expensive projects ever I have worked on. It will be the centre piece of my Brick-a-laide display and I decided to post it on Lego Ideas to see how it will go.

First, it's a rural hardware store, yes another one but a huge difference you can see - it's a big box warehouse style store with tons of detailing both brick/technic part built and sticker decals.

The huge glass frontage allows everyone to see all the detailing, and yes it has a roof - a rare thing to come from my drawing board.

The pump display gets another outing, but the racking is all new plus the hardware and irrigation merchandisers are also new.

The chain saw display contains a fresh saw design - more realistic offset chain drive than the inline city style chain saws.

On display also is a red ATV with roll-cage and chunky balloon tyres. Both the chain saw and ATV branding comes under the CITY banner.

The irrigation brand is called Rain Brick, based on the real life brand Rain Bird.

Garmadon is the brand for fencing and gate hardware, it's real life brand is Gallagher fencing products. Yes, I know and that's why I dropped the Lord bit off Garmadon ;)

The chemical department has two products on display in bulk, Muster herbicide (weed killer) based on the brand name Round Up and Brick Chemicals Terrashield soil insecticide based on a Bayor product called Confidor Guard.

It was fun to come up with fake brand names almost as much putting all the small brick built detailing in this model.

Oh, before I forget "rt" you say, yeah a bit of boring name calling it Rural Traders but that's what "rt" stands for and I think "rt" sounds cooler - less dorky name in my opinion.

Now I lost track of the parts count and the only thing I can say is over 1000 pieces at least, plus the dollar value would easily scoot past the 200 dollar US mark.

This contains everything you seeing in Lego including the 3 minifigs - one staff member, a female farmer and a male farmer. 

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Thank you very much for taking the time to read this text and view the images.

Brick On Support On everyone ! 

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