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Architecture Lion House, Billund


Easter has arrived!

So the project is a bit slow but still, we´re having a great time & experience here at LEGO Ideas! So many great creations from a lot of talented builders!

We´d like to share a couple a pictures which holds both the real house and our model. Enjoy!



Christmas is coming!

Hi again!

We played around a bit and made a chrismassy picture of the old house for you. Thanks for the support and we still hope that we can gather enough support to have it go through the LEGO review process!

So, Happy Holidays and a great New Year!

Mikael & Stefan


Redesigned use of slopes on the roof


We have redesigned the roof a bit by using more of the different slopes made by Lego, but not commonly produced in the color Dark Orange. This is to expand the portfolio of roof pieces availiable to builders! The overall design stays but instead of using for example the ordinary Slope 45 2 x 4 (design ID 3037), we used a Slope 45 2 x 3 (design ID 3038), never released in Dark Orange.

We hope you like it!


100 supporter celebration & picture update!

Wow! We have reached our first 100 supporters in under two weeks! Thank you all for supporting this project!

Here´s a side-by-side comparision picture of the old & new design of the house built with real LEGO parts, and with the parts printed. And someone is using the fireplace also ;-)!

If you think this is a project worthy of becoming an actual LEGO set - please help us and spread the word!

Thanks / Mikael & Stefan