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Starseeker Starship

The Starseeker Starship has been in the making for four years. A Total of 1,115 Parts -- includes the Maintenance Hub, 6 Robots, and 6 Minifigures. The crew of 4 from the Starseeker Shuttle and Sci-fi novel is duplicated here: Annie the orphaned princess and pilot; Garret the prince and commander; Melody the hacker and communications officer; and Brandon the gear headed genius. New is Brandon's dad the Maintenance Chief, and Gillo the swordsman nephew of Kretus, King of the dark knights.

This ultimately is my attempt to build the ideal interstellar Spacecraft. A wide-bodied jet that seats a crew of 4 to 5 members with a cargo-hold accessible by a ramp. Unique to the Starseeker Spaceship is a Rotating Gunnery turret that pushes through doors in the roof, picking up a windshield resting on a ledge. Long laser torpedoes are loaded above the open hatch.

Featured is a silver metallic launch pad. The Maintenance Hub opens into a control center and the ship lands on blue air jets.

The Starship is a companion set to the Starseeker Launch Bay and Shuttle.

Thank you for your interest and kind support!

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