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Fairground Funhouse

Originally designed for a competition, the funhouse floor would make a great set for play and display. A funhouse set like this would also make for great intergration with existing sets such as 60234 People Pack - Fun Fair as well as Batman-themed sets such as 76035 Jokerland.

Roll up! Roll up!
Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to the Fairground Funhouse...

  • Why not win a prize at the Hook-a-Duck stall?
  • Beat the high score on the Skeet Ball stand
  • or ring the bell on the Test-Your-Strength machine

At the Fairground Funhouse everyone's a winner!

 Though I wasn't able to make due to no access to mirrored pieces, the official set could also feature a hall of mirrors. Other suggestions include: a fortune telling machine, a magic show, giant playing cards and ghost train!

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