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Christmas Decorations


Here are some Lego Christmas decorations that I built!  They include a snow globe, with a crank-able Christmas tree, with a train going around it inside, a candy cane, some holly, a candle, and a nutcracker with a moving jaw!

The reason I built this model is because I thought it would be fun to build Christmas decorations, and especially ones that could have moving parts!  I also wanted to build a model that I could submit as another product idea, and I thought Christmas decorations would be a great thing to do.

This model would make a great Lego set because there are five decorations and they would be great for families to build and play with together as well as make a great display in the home or office! 

Thanks for checking out my model and please support it!  Make sure to check out my other models too!

Here is a video that shows how the nutcracker, and snow globe work!

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