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NSB Di3 (Norwegian Nohab)


NSB Di3 diesel engine. (a Norwegian Nohab)  Norwegian diesel engine for passanger and cargo transport. This train has 6 axles that was difficult to design, but I made it. It use lego power funtions and has a M-motor for driving. The sensor on the receiver is allmost invisible there it is hidden in the black roof. My train has drive on two axles. Totally it has six axles. This engine was taken out of service in year 2000. 

I think it is fun to see how many supporters I can get and therefore I submit my idea. 

This model is good for Lego because it also can be nice for many AFOL's, because it looks like a real train and it exists in real. It is good to get more grown up’s to build Lego. 

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