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Modern Railroad Station


Awhile back I designed a train station to be my first LEGO Ideas submission. It was inspired by some of the older generation stations which could be found in shows or movies. Years passed, and I forgot about the building, until one day it popped back up into my eye. Similar to what happens in the real world, I decided to revive the structure with a massive renovation. The new design is based off of a train station in Durham, New Hampshire, but still maintains a lot of the basic structure from its predecessor. 

The Station:

This modular build features a 21st century style railroad station with removable roof that allows access to a ticket booth, bathroom, and waiting area. The extended platform can accommodate multiple minifigures at once and as well as easily fit two passenger cars. Behind the station, a parking lot with meters has been installed (can fit cars up to 6 studs wide). Little details litter the station including pastries provided to help feed any hungry travelers and a small garden to welcome passengers as they walk up the rear entrance.


The set includes three Minifigures:

1) Train Spotter

2) Passenger waiting to be picked up by the next train

3) Station Master


To complete the experience that station also features a car and motorcycle to be placed in the parking lot. 


The last image is to show the station during active used to help provide a window into the imagination. It is a clear autumn day, with crystal blue skies and clouds dance in the wind. A local pulls up to collect new passengers, but the locomotive has caught the attention of a train spotter who snaps a quick picture. On the other track, an express train thunders by en-route to the big city.

I hope you all enjoy!

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