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Imperial Garrison Outpost and Stores


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I have loved Pirate Lego since I was a child and loved the many Imperial sets that were also created. 

The recent classic inspired Pirate sets released by Lego are crying out for an Imperial themed Garrison. Let it be this one! There’s even an unused vintage set number waiting - 6269 - that would allow this set to fit into the range seamlessly!

This is an Imperial Garrison Outpost set inspired by the classic 80s/90s era of Pirates. It sits between the Blue and Red coats era taking the simplicity and aesthetics of the period sets. This set contains original pieces and tries to remain true to its Classic roots. It features a 2 story tower with balcony. Rear access, via a gangway and bridge, to the first floor, allows stock and treasure to be loaded and unloaded from big or small vessels. The adjustable gangway can also be used to connect to other sets. The ground floor features a store house/armoury and canon position used to defend the Garrison and it’s soldiers.

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