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This pizzeria is a modular house, so it can be divided into four parts: ground floor, where the pizzeria itself is located, floor, where there is an apartment, and an attic, where you can find the roof. I built this in 2-3 weeks and it consists of about 1500-2000 pieces. I think we should really have a house and a downtown park in the LEGO Creator Expert product line. There are a total of 9 minifigures (maybe ten because there’s another skeletal figure): 4 guests, 2 chefs, an elderly couple and a street sweeper lady.


The center of the park is a fountain surrounded by trees, flowers, lampposts and a bench. It also has front and back entrances.

Ground floor:
Here is the pizzeria itself, which has two main parts: a restaurant with tables, chairs, lamps, and a kitchen area with counters, food, drinks and an oven. At the back of the building is a door that leads to the back garage: here are pizza boxes, tools and a pizzeria.

The elderly couple lives here. There is a kitchen and a study. Bookshelves tables are located in the apartment. By the way, I solved the books from 2x2 sheets.


The top of the attic can also be removed, so we can look inside better, where we can find all kinds of odds and ends: tools, newspapers, a skeleton and a bicycle. Inside there are even boxes and a wood-burning oven. There are 4 more support columns in the attic, but I took them out to see everything in the picture.

I tried to figure out the details because it never hurts to have something worked out.

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