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Just Shapes & Beats: New Game

This is a re-creation of a game called: Just shapes & beats, it has characters and many main bosses, let's see...

As we can see from this build there's a huge art of a massive pink in-game boss, at the stage "New Game". It's a shape boss, and you have to complete to get though the game itself, which you will also encounter these 3 smaller blue characters, player's friend.

To begin with. The little blue block guy is you (the player) in the game that has blue shape friends:
  • Boat: a smaller boat guy that has 2 eyes with one covered, with sails. Helps you around water places
  • Helicopter: a helicopter guy that can fly around and lift the player
  • Big cube: This guy helps in the story of the game which also becomes sad...

This build is a massive art, that is supported by many axle Technic pieces, also it's connected to the pedestal for extra connectivity. Also, the hands are big spiky round ones with dots as fingers.

I think this set works for 12-18+ since it includes Technic pieces for support for the structure, It's pretty large, it's mostly for a showcase stand and to look at when it's finished. It's very unique and pretty. If you love the game you will love this!

Idea created by: Cronibet
Game by: Berzerk Studios

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