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Red Bull Soap Box Derby


First Milestone Celebration

My plan is to add regular updates, with new details and new soap box designs. So to celebrate reaching the first milestone of 100 supporters, here is a new race competitor "Roller Skate Rach"! I would anticipate that the final set would only come with three buildable soap box designs, but it would be great to have a range of additional ideas at the back of the instructions provided as inspiration so people building the set could expand it and have a go at building some more designs of their own. I am passionate about creativity, and know that with imagination and LEGO bricks you can make anything you like!

For my initial submission I built the models, but for this update I have used the Studio LEGO building software to provide a digital render of my design.

Roller Skate Rach is a tribute to my wife who is a constant support to me and my number one fan! The design is based on a classic 1980's roller skate, and after the Red Bull soap box race, she'll be going straight down to the Roller Disco!

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